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    Session 6.

    Still in the midst of the undead squirrel massacre. (A sentence that could only come from D&D.)

    We spent another hour or so, in game, fighting the squirrels, and after I made several cure disease potions to make sure no one caught anything.

    We continued on, eventually finding a cave. According to the map we found, the cave cut through the mountain. As we were walking through, we got lost and ended in a mountain dwarf city. They managed to stay hidden thanks to magic. We just randomly stumbled upon them.

    We had nothing to trade for goods or services, so we agreed to do a few jobs for them so we could rest and eat properly.

    Our first mission was something simple. A child had gotten lost in the tunnels a few hours before we arrived. They were just amassing a search party as we walked in.

    We were shown a tunnel and sent on our way. We spent the next hour just walking through a tunnel until we came across a next of rust bugs. Matthias ran. Myself, Pothe, and Nica stayed and fought them off and since none of us wore any metal, it was an easy fight. After the fight we found the kid, dead. The bugs didn't do as he was drained of blood.

    We found a doorway with carved stone, some kind of old runic inscription, one of the runes had been filed to nothing. Nica determined the runes were to seal the doors shut, but since one was destroyed the seal was broken.

    We opened the door and found a bunch of skeletons, various pieces of worn equipment, and several sarcophagi.

    Out of the corner lunged an emaciated figure. Matthias smashed it with his hammer and Nice threw a firebolt. It got hit and backed into the shadows and we lost track of it. One of the sarcophagi opened and out climb another emaciated figure. Again, another firebolt sent it reeling. We retreated out of the room and closed the door.

    We stopped there.
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    Had our third session this weekend, forgot to update. I'm just going to start using a player's real name to refer to them, since I'll be introducing a "party" system at some point and it'll just be easier to keep track of everything.

    Alex (Dragonborn Paladin) couldn't make it this week due to last-minute work conflicts, so we essentially just had his character celebrate way too hard after the last successful mission and drank himself unconscious, to the point where he stayed in his room sleeping it off for a couple of days. A couple more people were finally able to make it, however (Ryan [Aarakocra Rogue] and Alexis [Gnome Bard]).

    The session began with the two of them entering the city of Cross, and Alexis began doing a musical performance in town to distract the townsfolk in the center of town out near the Tavern of Fates while Ryan immediately started to try pickpocket attempts on the people. He rolled really well (I think a 22 for his skill check, and then a 94 on a follow-up percent roll) so he ended up stealing nearly 200 gold and several Potions of Healing from a few different people undetected. Shortly after this, Damian (Human Fighter) stumbles out of the Tavern after hearing all the music being played, and decides to have a friendly competition with Alexis using his viola (I have no idea why he has one, but it certainly worked to make the scene more interesting). He also rolled really well and they spent about 15 actual minutes coming up with ways to try and one-up each other with performances, much to the crowd's delight.

    Shortly after the performance was over, Damian returned to the Tavern, and the others followed suit to see what it was about as they were new to the city itself. After being introduced to how the Tavern of Fates works and glancing over the list of available quests, the only one left available that they were able to realistically tackle was investing the nearby Caves of Cross for the goblins that were seen wandering around and in there a few days prior, although no more activity had been noticed of it since the initial reporting. They were just about to sign off on accepting it when a young man from the relatively nearby village of Arlia suddenly burst in, asking for help as there was trouble happening in the neighboring Shingo Forest (which is not very large, but it's also a small village of simple people who refer to it as such when it's more of a small or decent patch of woods), which the residents of Arlia use as a place for prayer to their respective deities with the little shrine area located a ways within, and they didn't want it to get destroyed.

    Since they were just about to embark on a mission anyway, they were asked if they would like to go investigate and aid Arlia instead, having first dibs on the task due to being ready to go as it was already. They agreed, and the Tavern master offered to give them a one-way teleport to Arlia to help speed up the process of saving the shrine, which they accepted. Before they left, Damian had the smart idea to give him some gold and ask him to pay for a couple of horses to ride to Arlia, taking the young man back quicker and have them wait for when they were done so they could return to Cross a lot sooner than walking on foot.

    After arriving in Arlia, Ryan flew up in the air and surveyed the area to get a feel for where to go looking in the Shingo Forest (Aarokocra are a bird people with natural flight), and then they set out and eventually spotted some goblins and wolves, and ambushed them for a quick and relatively easy battle. At one point, Alexis was trying to fight a wolf with her sword, and even though she missed the wolf had disadvantage on its next attack, and not only missed, but rolled double natural 1's, so the wolf just tried to lunge at her the same time she missed with her sword, and impaled itself right down the throat with the sword by accident, killing itself.

    After a quick short rest and minor ambush with 2 more goblins midway through, they made it to the shrine a little farther in, being inspected by a few more goblins led by a bugbear. It didn't take too much to dispatch them as there was another surprise round and several characters began by staying away and peppering them with arrows and bolts to thin the numbers early except for my character (Human Barbarian, I was going to sit myself out as they wouldn't have needed another character until a few people didn't show up, including another new player, so I asked if they wanted me to join them for combat and they said yes), who just rushed in and nearly died almost immediately. It didn't take too long to dispatch them and inspect the shrine, seeing markings on it that were unknown to every character, and after asking around the village a bit, unknown to anybody what they meant or who they represented.

    Resting the night to recover, the horses were waiting for them in the morning and they rode the few hours back to Cross, where they quickly returned to the Tavern and explained what happened and their success. After the explanations and the gold and experience reward for completing the mission, everybody had leveled up (Damian and myself went up to level 4, Ryan and Alexis who had begun at level 1 were now level 3), and then with explaining how the Deck of Many Things worked to the new players, they all decided to draw one card. Alexis gained +1 Charisma, which is great for a Bard. Ryan managed to get +3 Dexterity, and with his pretty good starting amount he's a level 3 Rogue with 22 Dexterity now, which is crazy. Damian got +1 Constitution.

    I saved my character for last to see what happened to influence his action. My Barbarian is dumb as hell (7 Intelligence AND 7 Wisdom), so after seeing Alex get a bunch of gold the last couple of times and everybody else getting such good rewards this time, he decided to draw two cards for himself. First card was the negative Joker, so I lost all of my experience earned into my current level and had to draw an extra card, which turned out to be +50,000 XP, instantly shooting my Barbarian all the way up to level 9. The second card I drew then caused me to immediately lose all of my gold.

    After this happened (bear in mind, even while these draws and random effects of fate are happening, almost nobody in the Tavern pays attention to it as it's a common thing for adventurers in there and is seen often enough), two figures walked in, who were Celine and Ashton from Star Ocean 2, to go along with the current continent's setting. I described them to the group as none of them played any of the games and had no idea who they were, and as soon as they entered every patron there immediately stood up and saluted them, leaving the group confused.

    That was the end of that session. Going to pick up this weekend I believe, and hopefully begin a large-scale battle and begin to introduce the Ten Wise Men.

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